Synfinity Visual

The website for Michael Law / Synfinity video & photographic projects


Current Synfinity Visual projects in production:

The Trees: A project about the legends, myth & magic of trees

Sea & Coast: Now I've moved to the coast this is the current ongoing work

The Beauty of Dereliction: Nature reabsorbing the man made, long tem ongoing project.

Of Stiles & Ancient Things: The remains of old Westbury-Sub-Mendip

Keep up with my progress on these and other projects from my blog

A selection of my latest photos can be seen on MobyPicture and 500px


The picture on the left was published in "The Observer" on 9th June 2013 in their "My Sunday In A Picture" feature

Past projects (click on title to go to YouTube and view):

NEW: Courtney Davis Body Art with Music By Michael Law. Courtney Davis's Body Art (tattoo) commissions with original score by Michael Law with David Oliver on Djembe

Spered Hollvedel (Universal Spirit). Sky, sea & Westbury pictures set to a arrangement by Michael Law of a traditional Celtic song.

Westbury Skyscapes: The eternal wonder of the ever changing sky and the land beneath it from one point on earth.

Corsican Odyssey: A celebration of the works of Enid Chauvin, fine artist 1910-2001

Celtic Migration / Brotherhood: Music by Michael Law, Images by Courtney Davis

The Glass Isle live at the Westbury Inn 10.3.11- Michael Law plays live with video image overlay of Glastonbury

Live video shoot at Westbury Inn for local band Collision Damage (YouTube Channel)

New! Postcards & DVD

Now Available: Michael Law: Films DVD £10 inc. postage and free postcards (below right)

Films on DVD: Westbury Skyscapes - Spered Hollvedel (Universal Spirit) - Winter Sunset - Celtic Migration / Brotherhood

Corsican Odussey - The Glass Isle Live At Westbury Inn (with film overlay)

I am now producing postcards of my images. The first one is below left. Price 30p each or £2.80 for 10 + postage

Please e-mail for payment details.